Chef Ted Reader

Known as the ‘Godfather of the Grill’, his charm and fearless culinary spirit has led Ted to become an award-winning chef, author, food and product innovation entertainer and a professor of Modern Culinary Applications Innovations at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College.

Ted’s culinary adventure began at George Brown College Chef School in Toronto, which to date has paved the way for his dynamic career. He cooks for all walks of life from swanky corporate affairs; to backyard BBQ parties and summer festivals.

Ted’s passion for all things smoked and grilled is extremely contagious. You’ll often find him spreading his gospel of BBQ at live cooking demonstrations and TV and radio appearances that keep fans salivating for more!

Ted has written over twenty-one cookbooks and has won such awards as Cookbook of the Year for the 2014 Single-Subject Cookbook at The Taste of Canada Food Writing Awards for Gastro Grilling. Other books he has written include; Beerlicious: The Art of Grillin’ and Chillin’, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Smoking, and Napoleon’s Everyday Plank Grilling just to name a few.

Ted owns over 75 grills and smokers.

Today you can find Ted in the backyard of his Toronto home tinkering with toys and developing creative and delicious recipes.


Quick Facts

Occupations: Celebrity Chef, Author, Product Development Chef, Food Entertainer, BBQ Expert, Caterer, Food Lover, Beer Drinker & all around happy guy

Favourite Food: Charcoal Grilled Steak (to be a little more specific, 2 inch thick, 28+ dry aged Bone-In NY Strip Steak, grilled Rare, Bone-In Rib Steak about 2 inches thick grilled medium rar,e and Bone- In Filet grilled rare. Topped with either lobster or fois gras,and I’m in heaven)

Favourite Burger Joint: the Burger’s Priest in Toronto (

Favourite Burger Chain: In-n-Out Burger

Favourite Grill or Smoker: All of them baby! I love ’em all no matter what shape they are in. Bring ’em on old or new I will grill or smoke on anything. Anywhere! Anytime! Anything!

Favourite Charcoal: Basques Canadian Sugar Maple from Quebec (

Favourite BBQ Store: Ontario Gas BBQ (

Favourite Grill Tool: A handmade spatula made by a blacksmith from Swift Current Saskatchewan. When I was a host of Cottage Country Television this fan from Swift Current made me up a few steak turners, skewers and 2 very special spatulas. Nothing beats them

Favourite Beer: A cold one!

Favourite Liquor: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, but I love Bourbon equally as much, along with 100% Agave Tequila.

Favourite BBQ Restaurant: Now really this is a question I cannot answer. I like so many and each have something that makes them stand out. I just say as long as it is low n slow, tender, juicy and absolutely delicious, it be a favourite in my book

Favourite Chef: My buddy Olaf, he is a big cuddly real deal Kutchen Meister with a big heart. He rules!

Favourite Music: Classic Rock from 1968-79 be my favourite tunes.

Favourite TV Show: MASH

Favourite Food Experience: Every day that I get to cook, grill, play and enjoy the world of food is a favourite food experience. Foods that make you drool, make me drool, make me happy

Favourite Down Time Thing to Do: Drive my 73 mustang full tilt with the top down, the tunes a blazing, and no chance of me  hearing my cell phone. That’s the best time!